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Where's Nellieā„¢ keeps your dog safe
and gives you peace of mind.

Your dog is your best friend. A part of your family. You never want to lose your dog. means you never will. Support our Kickstarter to help bring to dog owners everywhere.


1st Prototype

Apr 2014

2nd Prototype

Oct 2014

3rd Prototype

Dec 2014

4th Prototype

Jan 2015

Production Ready Prototype

Jan 2015

Building Production Tools

March 2015

Complete 1 Year Battery Life Testing on Beacon

May 2015

Meet the Where's Nellie Team...

The team has built dozens of products including; ice cleats used for walking dogs on slippery sidewalks, and providing traction for scientist in Antarctica, to software installed on virtually every Apple computer (BASH shell), and automotive scan tools used by general motors mechanics around the world.

We have now turned our attention to protecting our newest team member Nellie from ever being lost. With your support we can protect your dog too!

Steve Bell
Co-founder & Serial Entrepreneur
Brian J Fox
Co-founder & Open-Source Software Evangelist
Angela Harger
Marketing Specialist & Copywriting Queen
Chris Statford
Serial Entrepreneur & Veteran Hardware Engineer
Super Dog Extraordinaire & Company Shadow Leader
Katelin Bannan
Savvy Social Media Manager & Voice of Reason
Zeki Basbuyuk
Wireless Radio Lead & Network Technology Expert
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